Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Day 4

Spent all day in a car, more or less. It was a 4+ hour drive home from Nevada after the Marine Corps Ball. 5 people in a Nissan Versa. Ihop for breakfast. Singing along to Taylor Swift.  Feeling carsick.  Yup.  These were the only pictures I ended up with.

(tunic Old Navy, leggings Target, belt Charlotte Russe, boots

World's Tallest Thermometer...exciting right? haha

 California/Nevada border


  1. i love the rustic feeling of these photographs. you look adorable.

    <3 dennica pearl
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  2. Love the outfit! I must be the biggest loser in the world for reading "world's tallest thermometer" and immediately thinking, oh cool! Haha

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  3. I never look like that after a long car ride.


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