Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Day 18

I'm still playing catch up! This was November 26th, so the day after Thanksgiving.

I love this cardigan. It drapes nicely so I belt it a lot. It's also very lightweight which is good here in sunny SoCal!  I actually wore leggings instead of tights; much warmer.

(cardigan Old Navy, belt Charlotte Russe, boots, dress Victoria's Secret)

My husband and I are going to WA State later this month for Christmas and NYE.  I hope I remember how to dress for cold weather.  haha  I'm excited!  It's a 20 hour trip each way but we've done it quite a few times now so we'll survive; our dog too.  My family is coming down from Canada to meet up with us in Seattle for a couple nights after Christmas! I haven't seen them since we did that LAST year... my husband hasn't seen my parents in even longer!

ps I loved the VS show last night! It felt really short though.


  1. Well if you need a reminder of how to dress for the cold I can help...hehe!! Northern BC is way to freakin cold!
    The long cardi looks great with a tiny bit of dress peeking out!

    Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!


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