Thursday, December 2, 2010


Day 19

A short outfit post for day nineteen. I like the overall look but should stick to wearing the belt with the jacket or else it looks quite boxy.  I have a large chest so if things aren't fitted in the waist, I look bigger than I am.  Sometimes, I don't mind because fashion isn't just about looking your best. There is definitely more to it.

(jacket Walmart, shorts Wet Seal, shirt Charlotte Russe, boots

Also, I wanted to mention my new skin care regimen because I LOVE it.  I ordered the book The Water Secret by Dr. Murad and then his company sent me a ton of their products... for free!  Honestly, I love the book so much that in hindsight I would have bought it without the awesome deal.  I'm fairly educated on how to be healthy but I learned a lot from this book!  He's a dermatologist so it talks a lot about skin care but not just from a topical standpoint... He talks about how taking care of what's inside, helps what's on the outside (skin).  It's called The Water Secret because he believes we should get most of our water from food in order for our cells to really absorb it.  He includes recommended foods, drinks and vitamins. I now take 5 vitamins a day!  I take a multi vitamin for women, B-complex, glucosomine, lucethin and calcium with vitamin-D.  Anyway, it's a great book that I really recommend.  If you want to order it and get free products, go here. What you get in your kit varies.

Here's what I got:

The products are more expensive than my usual stuff but I'm so happy with my skin now that I will definitely keep it up. I don't need ALL the products but will re-purchase the Vitamin C Day Moisture SPF 30 lotion, Active Radiance Serum, Sleep Reform Serum and the Daily Eye Lift Cream.   My skin is completely clear after just a few weeks of these products. I haven't had a single break out, my skin tone is more even (less redness by far), my skin actually looks tighter and my eyes lifted!

I use the L'Oreal Go 360 Clean as a cleanser, daily.  Now and then I will do a face mask, generally a DIY one.  I use Neutrogena exfoliator.

ps. My cold is almost gone. I honestly believe I have the vitamins to thank.  I started taking them this week and in two days, felt FAR better.  All I had besides that was some cough drops, no drugs of any kind.  Usually when I get a cold, I will have it for a month and then get it again soon after getting better!

Ok, enough gushing. hehe


  1. OK this totally sounds amazing...definitely looking into it!
    I'm so jealous you're living in California...what brought you there?
    I'm in Chetwynd BC (3000 people...small northern community)...we used to live in Cranbrook, but moved when my hubby got on with BC Hydro. I've only been here just under 2months (he moved 6 months before Vyla and I could join him)...and it's definitely taking some getting used to. Thank goodness for blogging to keep me sane!!


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