Thursday, December 2, 2010


Day 20

Only 10 more, eee! Kinda sad...which is weird. haha

I actually took these photos yesterday so I'm almost caught up! I changed later that night to go out but will save that for tomorrow.  I LOVE LOVE this outfit!!  The entire thing just randomly popped into my head while I was walking home from the gym earlier that day. I like the different pastels all together. It was one of those outfits where as soon as I put it on, I looked forward to the next time I'd wear it. haha  The belt did ride up in the pictures though. I need to take in the skirt a bit so it doesn't fall down on my waist.

(cardigan Old Navy, necklace Forever 21, top + belt Charlotte Russe, shoes target, skirt Victoria's Secret, tights UO)

Katy Perry concert tonight! Actually, it's the VH1 Divas concert with Katy Perry, Sugarland, Paramore (through satellite, they won't actually be there), Keri Hilson, Nicky Minaj and Grace Pottera nd the Nocturnals. I'm most excited to see Katy Perry because I'm a big fan... but I'm excited to see them all! I really love Sugarland as well. It's a "Salute the Troops" concert so it's on base. It'll air on Sunday, on VH1. Maybe you will see me on TV? My husband and sister's boyfriend are coming with me. We may also carpool with another couple. Fun, fun.


  1. Your skirt is very cute, and I like your shoes too. Epicness much?

  2. This outfit is brilliant! I love everything about I wish I had more pastels!
    I can't imagine having to move around a bunch...I take it your Hubby is American?

  3. Those are Target shoes? Fantastic!
    I love the subtle tones here. Very pretty.
    The Auspicious Life


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