Monday, December 6, 2010


Day 22

This outfit is pretty boring but I wanted to try the layered cardigan look.  Hey, it was cozy!  I was too excited about getting our Christmas tree to care about what I was wearing anyway!

 (cardigan American Apparel, cardigan Old Navy, jeans Walmart, scarf Forever 21, shoes

Someone actually gave us an extra tree that they had. It's beautiful!  We always had real trees growing up (my family did, not my husbands) so I insisted on sticking with that.  We've been married almost 4 years and despite all my love for Christmas, we hadn't been able to have a tree until this year... so it's our first!  See, year 1 we were pretty poor plus we spent Christmas with my inlaws so no tree, year 2 my husband was away at school (for the Marine Corps) and then last year he was deployed to Afghanistan.  We're actually spending Christmas with the inlaws again this year but I still insisted on a tree, hehe.

Bows, andy anes and gold balls from Big Lots, red balls, tree stand, tree skirt, star and other gold ornaments from Kmart.  Lights are from both stores.  The rest is stuff I've picked up over the past few years.

I went with a red and gold theme. I like the look of the mini ornaments.  I hate the look of stuff just piled onto a tree. I like to see the tree! I really wanted bows and decided to go with this pack of suede ones for $1.  Actually, total cost on the tree was only around $70 with $50 of that paid for with a gift card. Plus the tree was free!  I feel very thankful.

I will add that the gift certificate was from the Sears Heroes at Home program which I signed my husband and I up for.  Basically anyone can donate and then they take the amount and divvy it up into gift cards for military... ours was $50. We will receive two more, the amount depends on how much people donate (you can still donate).  I'm really grateful that people donate to programs like this and also to Sears for hosting it.


  1. i'm going to have to come back for sure!!
    loving your blog, keep it up!
    come stop by the new and improved COSMICaroline!

    -CMA, COSMICaroline

  2. I'm also very thankful to Sears (and their program) and all the people who donated. This is our first year participating and we still have yet to spend ours.

  3. aw. I really, really want to put up a giant christmas tree! I'm away at college, and come home in a week, so I'll have one then:) Your scarf looks cozy and I love your combat boots! Cute puppy tooo.

  4. I like your post especially in the Christmas tree.It is looking wonderful.Thanks for the nice work.


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