Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Day 27

1 more outfit, 2 re-created outfits and I'm done!  I'm excited!! 

I'd really been wanting to wear this jacket with this belt. I have a similar look on my inspiration wall.  We had a weird heatwave for a few days where it was 80+ degrees so I was waiting for that to end! Who wants hot weather in December? Ew.  

I like this look.   Like the shoes?  They've been for sale in my shop for a while but today I decided to wear them.  Well, "wear them".  All I did was go next door to the park with my dog for 15min.  They are my most expensive shoes and yet I've hardly worn them at all!  I don't like to own things that don't get used so that's why I put them up for sale. Lately though, I've been wanting some tan ankle boots... so I thought I should give this another go before purchasing anything new.  I think I'll bring them on vacation with me and see if they get more wear.  If so, they'll move into my closet... if not, they will stay up for sale (I will lower the price since they will be more used).

(jacket Walmart, tights ebay, shoes Jeffrey Campbell, shorts thrifted)


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