Wednesday, December 8, 2010


10 Things that Make Me Happy in December

  1. Hot chocolate mix + water + vanilla soy milk. SO GOOD. Also, chai tea (bag kind) + water + mocha peppermint creamer. Mmm.
  2. Collecting baking recipes. I'm baking a TON this year.  
  3. Singing in the car with someone.
  4. Candy canes.  In my mouth.
  5. Wearing jackets & scarves.
  6. Wearing slipper socks.
  7. Christmas displays in the mall.
  8. All the deals!  I've gotten great deals on stuff lately. I'm a good bargain hunter!
  9. Seeing all the Christmas lights.
  10. Eating baked goods. I don't drink much pop, I rarely eat fast food, we don't keep chips in the house besides tortilla chips... baked goods are my weakness! It's what I grew up with. We were always baking! I always have to have at least one baked good in the house.  Right now it's this pumpkin bread which I HIGHLY recommend.


  1. Oh that pumpkin bread recipe is the best!

  2. great list! love the blog

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