Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm going to a tea party in a couple weeks. The hostess actually asked that everyone try to dress in their "high tea wear"! How fun!  I have some girly pieces in my wardrobe but when I'm at the mall next week, I'll be keeping an eye out for something new.  I adore blogs where the blogger is super girly in her style but it's just not me.  I definitely dress that way to a certain degree, just not 100%.  Spring always  makes me want to wear more pastels, dresses, ruffles and bows though!

When I first think of a more feminine look, I think of the obvious like those below from Forever 21:

But I also love the more structured womanly look. Actually, I feel like this sort of dress is really missing from my wardrobe. Probably because they tend to be a bit pricier!

And of course, a blast from the past. Nothing is more feminine than looking like a housewife from another decade, hehe. 


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