Friday, January 21, 2011


These pictures didn't turn out well but meh!  I wore this to the mall and then out to dinner with girl friends. It had to be comfortable because I walked/took the train so I went with flats. The romper was great for shopping; easy to slip on and off. I added the blazer for dinner.

 (romper + ring Charlotte Russe, shoes, necklaces Forever 21 + Premier Designs, blazer Bryan's)

I did break my detox diet last night but that's okay.  I knew I was going to before I'd even started the diet.  It's 4 weeks long so I'm thinking I'll summarize at the end of each week here. So stay tuned for that!

Margaritas and salmon tacos!

I only shopped at Charlotte Russe. I still had $25 on a gift card for there.  I swear, that thing is my lucky charm! I ended up getting a jacket for $2.99, shorts for $2.99 (can check that off the list!), socks for .99cents and a free bracelet (coupon on their Facebook page)... so I spent under $10! The jacket alone was regularly $44.  Woo! I would have bought more stuff but I am in between a M and L right now which makes shopping tricky. My feet are also in between sizes... 9 1/2. Lame.  But still, successful shopping  trip!

I loved this lace dress! It had a nice vintage feel to it. I didn't buy it though because the slip underneath was way too short!


  1. Your hair looks so pretty! Wow, you got awesome deals at Charlotte Russe too. Good job ;)

  2. You got such great shopping deals! That's what I miss about living so close to the states was the amazing deals on everything!
    I love the lace dress at the bottom...totally a bummer that the slip was too short.

  3. Your hair looks soooo pretty curled like that! :)

    Better Than A Milk Mustache


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