Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm excited to share this outfit. When I was looking at ASOS the other day, I noticed they had models wearing untucked shirts over high waisted mini skirts.

 Normally, I tuck my shirts in so yesterday I decided to mix it up. I wanted to wear my Old Navy sweater and since it's a fairly "classic preppy" item I thought maybe this would give it some edge.  Here's the result...

(top Old Navy, skirt Forever 21, shoes Jeffrey Campbell via Guilt Fuse)

And I'm hooked! I really like this "new" silhouette. I had feared that maybe it would be a bit unflattering on me but I actually think it worked well; it shows my legs (which I like) and doesn't emphasize my chest (not that a large chest is bad but when I tuck my shirts in, they really stand out! haha).  I really want to try this skirt with a more athletic/grungy type sweater or a cropped top!

What do you think? Good silhouette?  Have you or would  you try it?


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