Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I wore this to a curry restaurant with a friend. Yum yum!

Yesterday, my husband came home! He wasn't Selected for the new job like we were hoping but he did make it through the extremely hard training. I'm very proud of him!  He still doesn't want to stay with his current job (as in his specific job within the Marine Corps) so we're looking into his other options, like infantry.

Getting a lot done this week.  Yesterday, my husband enrolled online with Rosetta Stone to learn Russian. I picked up Rosetta Stone (I get it free on base as a military spouse; very thankful) to learn French! I learned it a bit growing up (since I'm from Canada) and have been wanting to get better with that.  My husband is also enrolling in a physical training program (Marine Corps will pay for it) which is 8 months online. I'm going to kind of go through it with him, like "shadow" him, so maybe once I am able to I could just test out vs do the whole 8 month program.  :)

(sweater Old Navy, jeans Walmart, purse Target, boots, top Charlotte Russe)


  1. If your husband is thinking about staying in, and wants to learn Russian, he should think about going to the DLI to learn it and become a linguist. Just a thought. But I thought I remember you saying he was getting out soon.

  2. To second the comment above, that is what's my husband is doing right now.

    Choosing to do infantry is a scary thing for me. But I know you both know what's best for your "family"! Goodluck!

  3. love your blog as always, i'll keep coming back!
    and i hope you'll come visit COSMICaroline again soon!



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