Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sorry about all these indoor pictures. I know the quality isn't the best (my camera is shitty, let's face it) but it has been pouring rain outside! So indoor pictures are just going to have to do for now.

I wore this to a friends house last night. Some of us girls got together for food, girly movies and drinks.  My friend's husband deploys soon so he went out for a boys night (we picked a very drunk him up later on haha).  She's a great friend and they are such a sweet couple.  I know we have plenty of girls nights ahead of us!  What else are deployments good for? :P

I reeeally like this outfit.  I decided to wear the blouse without a belt.  You can really see all the sheerness going on in these pictures so just take my word for it!  I paired it with shorts and tights instead of leggings/pants to mix things up a bit.  All in all, a very comfortable outfit but still fashion forward... always a good combination right?  I do love to be comfortable.

Oops. Leaf stuck to my shoe!

(shorts + hidden tank top Old Navy, tights Walmart, sheer top Burlington Coat Factory, shoes

My pets crack me up in these photos. There's no use in even trying to get them to leave me alone when the camera is in use. They flock to it!


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