Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Of course, I'm behind so this outfit is from Friday. I do plan on dressing up tonight, just for me, so I'll have a Valentine's outfit for tomorrow's post.

ELF lip stain from Target (on sale for $2.10 reg $3)

I finally bought a maxi skirt!!  I love it. I had tried it on at Burlington Coat Factory a few weeks ago but decided to wait and see if it went on sale. It did. I paid just $9.99.  It's a little tighter in the waist than I'd really like but man, what a comfortable article of clothing!  Everyone should buy one.  :D

Then it turned cold so I grabbed a sweater.

Later that night a friend called and ended up coming over.  So I ditched the belt and it basically felt like I was wearing pajamas. hehe I spent the night at her place, Friday. Saturday evening we played Halo co-op campaign for, like, 6 hours! We're almost finished it. She's coming over again this weekend. haha
(sweater + sandals Old Navy, top Target, skirt Burlington Coat Factory, belt Ebay)


  1. I was about to comment on your lip color and saw you posted where you got it! I rarely wear lipstick or color on my lips...I just feel funny when I wear it. I wish I could wear red, or red orange. When I see other redheads wearing it it looks so good, but I just can't pull it off. That's kinda funny you play halo. I tried to play my husbands xbox once and I am just not coordinated enough to use the joystick thingy.


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