Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here's my Valentine's Day outfit from yesterday.

Originally, I reached for really girly pieces like my pastel pink ruffled top but it just wasn't feeling right. So I decided to go for a more "abstract" look.  It kind of reminds me of Minnie Mouse, haha!  I like it.

(top (dress) Victoria's Secret, skirt + hat Target, shoes Aldo, belt Charlotte Russe)

This was my Valentine's Day:
And I watched Eat Pray Love which I liked. Originally I was going to "romance" myself (since my husband is still away) with cinnamon pancakes and wine but then I got to the store and realized what I really wanted was pizza, beer and Doritos!  I haven't had that stuff for a couple months.  It was deeee-licious.  haha

Today I hit Walmart and Target to see what they had on sale post-Valentine's Day. I didn't buy too much but found great deals on what I did get!  A few things are Valentine's Day related but were on clearance. The flower pots were $1 each at Target, the nail polish was marked down to $2 and the plates were 30% off so under $2 each.  Then at Walmart I got the tights for $2 (they are normally $5 but go on sale every  now and then so I always check) and the cups for 75cents (I bought the 5pack they had last year too on clearance).  Woo!  I love being a bargain hunter.


  1. I'm going to Michael's tomorrow to get a frame for a piece of artwork I won in a giveaway....maybe they will have some fun stuff on sale there!

    The outfit was cute! And your dinner made me laugh, haha. We had chicken fajitas..nothing fancy either!

  2. Love this! You look so pretty. That pizza looks amazing.. it's seriously been too long since I've had it and I'm a pizza fiend. Ha.
    Hope you're having a good day!


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