Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm mainly posting because I want to show off my new purse!  It's by Mossimo at Target and is definitely a bit of a Mulberry knock off! I'm not a big accessory buyer and when I do, it's generally because I found a great deal. This was $35 regularly and I paid... $35.  Yep.  I paid full price!!  That's rare for me. I just love it so much and it's perfect for Spring.  It can also carry a TON of stuff... which I think is especially important in the summer hehe Got to have my sunglasses, magazine, book, sunscreen...

I'm getting rid of some old bags. I think I'm going to move my shop to Etsy so stay tuned for that.

walking my happy dog
lip colour is Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in Rosette.

(sweater Old Navy, shorts Closet, belt Charlotte Russe, bag Target)

 Like I said, the bag has a lot of room in it. There are quite a few pockets including one on the back which is nice because you can access it without opening the purse itself. The purse is very easy to open close; you just twist that cap and the straps aren't attached so it'll open right up. Just means you have to tuck the straps back in from time to time. It's less white in person, more cream. It also comes in black, green, brown, gray (which I also really liked) and I think navy.  The long strap is removeable.  The two-strap thing is my go-to purse style now! The one I got in December has that as well.  Purses with just a short strap tend to fall off my shoulder but these stay put nicely.  My husband will be glad.  I'm sure it's annoying to him when we're walking, holding hands, and I have to keep adjusting my purse on my shoulder!

ps. I'm excited for the new season of Survivor tonight.  I know, I'm lame. :)


  1. Your hair is so so nice! I love the length! x


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