Sunday, March 13, 2011


I bought a pocket tank at Target yesterday, on sale for $10.  I decided I didn't want the pocket on it so I was using a seam ripper to remove it and oh, what do you know, I nicked the shirt! So now I'm sewing the pocket back on to cover up the little hole I made.  Really?  I might make the pocket out of something else or add studs at a later point though.  I just wanted a black tank that draped well... found it! Now to fix it.

Target has some cuuute things right now.

These shorts have flowers on them. I like the vintage feel.

These ones floral pockets which show through the ripped bits.
I didn't even try either one because I really just want some high waist denim shorts before any others! I need to hit up Goodwill, get some old lady jeans, and DIY.

I've been wanting this wallet but keep humming and hawing over it because I know it's more Spring/Summer and I keep thinking I should get one that is good all year round.  My current one is ugly and needs to be replaced though. I like that I could use this type to go out at night vs a purse or large clutch; it'll hold the essentials without being at all bulky.
I'm looking forward to doing some shopping this week with my friend, Courtney. I have a coupon for $25 off $50 at The Gap. I never shop there but I may use it as a less expensive way to invest in some good trousers like...

I have a coupon for a free tote + lotion at Bath and Body Works, Saturday only.  Then I have a Victoria's Secret one for a free rewards card worth at least $10.

Courtney and I are going to hit up H&M. I love that store and yet never go there! I usually go to this one mall near by that I can take public transit to easier but H&M is at this other mall and yeah. I haven't been to this mall yet! Crazyness. It's just as close distance wise, for me, but most people I know live further West so for them it's kind of far to go.


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