Friday, March 11, 2011


First off...My heart aches for Japan and everyone affected.  If you want to make a donation to the Red Cross, go here or text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

I've been lusting over the "ombre" look for a while. I love caramel ends with dark hair but since my hair is a fairly light blonde, I went with a more golden shade.  I did it myself, at home.  I used Garnier Nutrisse Multi Lights Highlighting Kit which was under $7. I LOVE it! I'm so happy I did it. I love how low maintenance it is and that it'll keep its look while growing out.  Maybe I'll do the ends pink in the summer. hehe It's fun... this is the most blonde I've ever been!

Please note that my hair is not styled whatsoever here... I blow dried it dry after the shower which I never do so it's very "fluffy" here.  I haven't even had a chance to style it down yet! I did it Thursday morning, went to the gym that night and then again today.

I showed my husband...
Him: It looks like your roots just grew out
Me:  Yeah, good. It's supposed to! That's the look.
Him: That's not a look.

hahah He doesn't like it but he won't say so. He just avoids answering. I think it's funny.  I actually feel like a trend jumper because so many people have already  committed to this look but it's okay. I'm often behind in "trends" because I over-think things before doing them.

(top Target, shoes Burlington Coat Factory, shorts Old Navy)

Thanks llymlrs for the DIY video. It gave me the last boost of confidence I needed to just take the plunge and do it myself. :)


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