Friday, March 4, 2011


Not the best pictures but I did want to show how I styled my maxi the second time around. I think the new silhouette can really throw people off! I've heard a few people say they're not sure what shoes/tops to wear with their maxis. Well, here I went with cage heels and a tight fitting lace top (slightly tucked in) for a more streamlined look.  For warmer weather, I'm going to try pairing it with a long tank top, belted at the waist.  I like tops tucked in but my skirt is a bit too tight at the waist so it looks a bit odd to me. I could take out the elastic and put a longer one in, I suppose.

(skirt Burlington Coat Factory, top Charlotte Russe, blazer Bryan's, scarf Ebay, shoes Aldo)

I wore this to a friend's Passion Party. So much fun. If you've never been to one, go! I've been to soo many and have always  had a blast.


  1. This straight silhouette is going to be so popular this year! We talked all about it in my fashion business class a few weeks ago. Love the way you styled it. :)

  2. that skirt looks seriously comfy! i am not one to wear short skirts, i own a few maxi dresses, but no skirts.


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