Monday, April 25, 2011


Another nail post. Are you voters STILL sure I don't need a separate blog for this stuff? :P

I found the blog cynful nails today and am drooling! Some are far too blingy for my taste but others I love. I'm getting some great ideas for super feminine designs! Ignore the bling and just focus on the designs ;) Here are my favourites:

Now help me out...
Which design should I try out first?

which nail design should I try first?
ps. My nails aren't as long as most of those plus one is current stubby (broke so I filed it down) but oh well!


  1. dont worry i do a nail post every friday/saturday trying to figure out what i should put on my own - there are just too many possibilities to choose from. i am in love with the last photograph of the sparkles xx


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