Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Outfit post tomorrow, I swear. :P

Feeling good about stuffs lately.  Got some extra money, doing school work, won $50 to spend at Victoria's Secret, husband finally decided on what he wants to do (recon) and whatnot.  There's more but we'll save that for later.  

The approach of Summer puts me in a good mood. I know it's early Spring but summer weather comes early to SoCal.  I love that excitement before a new season begins!

Excuse my cuticles!

tips: Sally Hansen in Crushed
base: Sally Hansen no name

I had a "nail party" last week. I spent some time painting my friends' nails so I kept mine simple. I actually added the tips a day later. The party was fun! I'm going to have another one eventually, maybe next month. 


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