Sunday, April 10, 2011


  • I joined :) It's a favourite website of mine. 
  • The weather here is all over the place lately! 
  • As a result (I think) I haven't been feeling very creative outfit-wise lately.
  • I do, however, feel create with my nails! I'm even having a "nail day" for a bunch of friends and I soon. hehe
  • I need a new camera. These blurry images are driving me nuts. Mine is a few years old and pretty banged up. I want something under $200 so I'm learning towards the Nikon Coolpix or Canon PowerShot. Thoughts?

(shoes H&M, skirt Target, necklace Forever 21/gifted, sweater dress worn as top H&M, belt Charlotte Russe)

I splurged and got OPI' Katy Perry Black Shatter! I love it. I actually have a Groupon $15 gift card for Ebay which I only paid $7 for... so I spent $9.50 of that to get this. So, technically, I got it half off or however you want to look at it. I'm wearing it over Sinful Colors 24/7 here.


  1. i've had a canon powershot for five years now and i've liked it. i'm about to upgrade but it has been a good camera :)


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