Thursday, May 26, 2011


I forgot I still have two manis to post before I'm up to date. :) 

This is a franken! It's just a Rimmel Lycra black polish with Icing "Glamorous" in it. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating with me. 

You can see here the holo/rainbow effect.

But the sun wasn't out when I took pictures so it just looks like silver in these pictures. This is another favourite polish of mine. I LOVE black polish. I think it's sort of edgy and sexy. I added the rhinestone stickers to play up that "edgy" side. It reminded me of a very toned down Lady Gaga.

 I don't like the brush on these polishes! As you can see, application wasn't the best. It's too flimsy so it misses the sides.  I also got some shrinkage. I started using Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat which I LOVE but yes, it does cause some shrinkage. I think most quick dry top coats do.  Meh! I'll review it better later.


  1. Oh I loove this. Normally I don't like black nail polish but the glitter makes it AWESOME. :)


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