Thursday, May 26, 2011


So part of breaking my shopping ban was buying one of the new Sally Hansen crackles. haha I love these shatter/crackle polishes! They're fun and are pretty quick and easy to use, resulting in a unique looking  manicure. 

I wanted to try out this light pink Blush polish I have and it  ended up being much lighter than I expected! It'll be great for French manicures. I used the crackle over it after adding a layer of glitter.  I liked the look. It made the crackle itself the focus.  

Here's the light pink Blush (they don't have names but they are awesome jelly polishes) + two layers of ELF Twinkle.

Not sure what I have on my pinky... white paint?
I also got a new stamp so I was trying it out. Obviously it did not transfer well. :P

I really like that it looks like it's see through... 

But I only kept that on for a day, haha. I normally keep a manicure on for 3-4 days. I reeeally wanted to try this over Icing "Glamorous" which has holo glitter in it.  I don't like how "chunky" the glitter is in this polish. It's not like China Glaze OMG holos where they are so smooth looking.  What I love though, is that in the shade/low lighting it's a great silver glitter but when the sun or bright light hits it BAM! rainbow-goodyness. haha Let me show you...

 It was hard to photograph in the sun but hopefully you get the picture. I have also mixed Glamorous with other polishes and it's awesome. I recommend picking it up!

pink: Sally Hansen Crackle "Shocking Fuschia"
glitter: ELF "Twinkle"
light pink: Blush
silver glitter/holo: Icing "Glamorous"

I ordered three polishes from Sally Beauty. I had a $10 off $10 coupon! So with $6 shipping or whatever it is, I spent $9. They should arrive today so I'll update later with that and a new mani. :)  Expect more crackle awesomeness!


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