Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Makeup and Hair Challenge...
Makeup Look #1!

I don't know if I will always manage to do both a new hair and make up look at the same time/together. Today's hair isn't all that new... I do a braid like this a lot. haha So, I'm only counting this as a new makeup look!

My bathroom has a real yellow overcast. It's very flattering but it kind of washes out colours so I will feel like my makeup is quite neutral... until I look in a mirror with really bright lighting or in this case, my camera. haha So, I am a little heavy on the bronzer, I realize.  Noted!

For this look, which is "Mila Kunis inspired", I copied this video. She's fantastic! I love youtube tutorials.

my evil bathroom lighting.  

 What I used...
foundation: Avon Ideal Wear in "light beige"
bronzer: Solar Powder
eyeshadows: Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow "In the Buff"
blush: Everyday Minerals Cheek blush "Viki's Radiant Creation"
brows: ELF eyebrow kit
eyeliner: Smashbox in black (waterline) & the writing wore off the other one but it's a liquid liner
brushes: Sephora
lip: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush gloss in Red Apple (I think... smells/tastes like apple)

note: I did not use false eyelashes like in the video

For me, the newest thing in this look, is the heavy shadowing under the eyes. I don't normally do that but I really like it! It makes it very smoky. I have heavy lids (I don't know if that's really the right term) so I can pile on shadow onto my lids but it won't as noticeable.

Onto my outfit...  I did not realize my face would be so blurry in these pictures! Grr. Camera. Grr.  But I did just overload you with photos of my face so I think you guys will survive! Also, I'm holding onto my phone and keys if you were wondering.

 haha He wanted me to walk him.

(shorts + bangles Burlington coat Factory, shoes, socks Ebay (weird; it was a long time ago haha), top + belt Charlotte Russe)


  1. You are soooo pretty!! :)
    I love those eyeshadow shades on you, they go really well with your skin tone and the darker eyeshadow underneath the eye looks great!

  2. Pretty! I agree with Adrienne above me. Love this.


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