Monday, May 30, 2011


I think grey is my favourite crackle polish shade!  This is Cracked Concrete by China Glaze. I wore it over a lot of layers including a few topcoats lol It still cracked really really well.  It's a lighter grey than it wants to appear in photos! I got this for $6 plus an OPI for $6 and a Finger Paints for $3 + shipping... except I only paid $9 total at because I had a $10 off $10 coupon.  So, not bad at all. 

This is what it looked like under the crackle.

Ugh, dry cuticles. They are much better now! Sometimes, I get a messy manicure and the acetone I use cleaning it up really dries out  my skin. I got the ELF cuticle pen though and it actually works very nicely!


  1. Love the cracked concrete. I just ordered the whole set of China Glaze Crackle buy haven't tried the Cracked Concrete yet. Hopefully, I will be able to try it soon.

  2. I wish I had gotten this one. It was my favorite, but then when OPI came out with silver, I thought it would be silly to have both. Why wear grey when you can wear silver? But never the less, I still want it.


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