Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This was me Saturday night (UFC fight). haha
 I would not have guessed that this cheap Walmart pizza would be so delicious.

I went with green eyeshadow on this particular day. I wanted it dark and muddied kinda like an Army green. I took these pictures hours later so you can see the makeup stayed put.  

My hair was a wavy mess and I liked it. I dried it in a new way.  I sprayed it with a Garnier wave spray and then used bobby pinks to attack two buns to the top of my head.  

Hair and Makeup Challenge
Hair look #3
Make up look #4

Products used are the same as here but for eye shadows I used ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Earthy and ELF Eye Brightening Palette in Ivy.

 These pictures did not turn out... my eyes are closed in the first one!! hahah But I finally altered these pants to be a tighter fit, so I wanted to post pictures. The real bagginess just was not working for me.  It didn't suit my curvy frame.  I love them now though!  These pictures just aren't very flattering.

(jeans + top Old Navy, blazer Burlington Coat Factory, shoes Aldo)


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