Friday, May 13, 2011


I look so unhappy in these pictures! Well, my cat is missing so I am rather unhappy... but this was actually a very nice day. I spent it at a friends place with more friends. We ate, swam, laid in the sun... very nice.

Don't mind the lack of shoes. I just wore flip flops! It was a pool party after all.

 I get funny ankle tan lines from walking to the gym in runners. I am getting Vibrams soon though :)
(dress Old Navy, scarf Wet Seal)

Blurry pictures but you get the idea; floral nails. Should I do a tutorial for these?
blue: NYC Cashmere Cream
yellow: Sinful Colors Unicorn
pink: Marina & Demme
mint: Revlon Mint
purple: franken
green: Sinful Colors Innocent


  1. Your nails are so cute! And I am so sorry about your cat. :( I hope you find him soon! I know if my cat was missing I'd be devastated!


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