Saturday, May 14, 2011


I wanted to try out another jelly polish from Blush. I haven't worn red in soo long! It used to be one of my "go to" colours. I used to mostly wear red, black or grey polish. hehe The application was actually really great. I think this was two coats.  It's sort of a pinkish red.

As soon as I had it on, I wanted to do a gold glitter gradient. I loved the result. The gold was very shimmery so in person, it had a more subtle effect than it does in these pictures.  I added the stickers to my thumb but if I were to do this manicure again, I wouldn't.

 Here it is matte. You can see the gold a lot more but I did prefer it shiny!
Blush (no name) red
Sinful Colors All About You gold glitter
Essie Matte About You

 I don't normally do makeup pictures here but I wanted to show you some of my favourite lip sticks. I LOVE lipstick, the brighter the better.  These are my only lipstick tubes.  I have other lipsticks but they are pencil, tints, stains etc.

NYC lipsticks are only 69cents at Walgreens right now. I bought two about a month ago and then a third one last week.  They are very glossy lipsticks!  At first I thought they looked frosty, which I don't like, but once they settle a bit they lose that frost-finish and just look a bit glossy. They're very moisturizing, stay put well and  you can really build up the colour which I like.  I think these are easy lipsticks to wear; I can even apply them without a mirror.

fuschia, pink, coral 

These Revlons were all bought at Big Lots where they are usually around $2. They are much more pigmented than the NYC ones but less moisturizing.


outdoors.  red, nude, pink.

all 6 (right; NYC left; Revlon)

these are AFTER being washed with my hands and soap! pretty good lasting power.


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