Sunday, May 8, 2011


Here is a glitter jelly from the Blush collection. None of them have names (so annoying) but this is the only glitter one in the pack I got. The formula was really nice so I had very little clean up and it was a quick manicure to do. 

Sorry for the blurriness but you can always click the pictures to enlarge them.

It's similar to the pink holo franken I made but with less glitter/sparkle.  It's also a bit more of a purple pink. I added the repeat picture just for comparison.

I swatch all of my polishes in a notebook. It's gotten pretty messy but these are my newest. The top bunch are my new Zoyas followed by my new Icing ones and then a Sinful Colors one I won.  You'll see them on my nails soon!


  1. Great idea on having a notebook full of swatches!

    I think I should start doing that too!


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