Saturday, May 7, 2011


I love these shorts! The color is fun. It reminds me of ice cream. They're a pretty teal colour - $11.50 at Forever 21 right now. A couple days later I went back and got them in black as well but in a size smaller. I have a weird habit of buying bottoms in a size too big; annoying. I'd worn this a few times before these pictures so the shorts had stretched out a bit.

90F weather is gone for now but it was SO nice while it was here. :)

I'm off to a pool party today. Sort of ironic since the weather isn't as nice haha Oh well, food and friends is always good no matter the weather. I'm bringing Rum Runners and homemade strawberry cupcakes.

(little butterflies on my toes! They've actually stayed on for a week now!)
(top Charlotte Russe, sandals Old Navy, headband + shorts Forever 21)

 This is a franken but a very simple one. It's just a pink nail polish from L.A Colors that I added some Icing holographic polish (it's called Glamorous) to! It's super sparkly in person.

My ring is too big, yes. I don't know if people have been noticing that in my mani pictures. haha I need to get it resized... for a third time.  And yes, I'm married but only have an engagement ring.  We used it as a wedding ring because we got engaged over the phone just 2 months before out wedding haha My husband is "supposed" to surprise me with a band eventually...  we've been married 4 years.  :P

A couple days later I added Black Shatter and did the tips in Glamorous. It was a little too "punk" looking for me but it was fun. I just wish the Shatter had spread more. I need to apply it in more thick coats I think.


  1. This is probably my favorite outfit that I have seen you wear. So cute!


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