Thursday, June 2, 2011

From the ELF Brights collection, this is Sunset. I am not a big fan of this sort of polish finish. It looks cool in these pictures but I didn't like the foil/shine look of it.  I do sometimes like that style, like with Zoya Tiffany, Crystal and Edyta but I'm picky about it. I like those Zoya ones because they are also duochrome where as this isn't... so I guess it felt kind of flat. It's still a great polish though.  I love how these go on. If you are careful, there is literally NO CLEAN UP which is always nice!

Oh I stamped this using Zoya Loredana matte and plate m64.  It turned out a little too subtle, haha.

 This is ELF Punky Purple.  It was the polish I was most excited for, besides Fire Coral, in the Brights collection. It's a great shade of purple!  I added Icing Glitz and Glamor to the index fingers after a while. It's a purple jelly with small glitter + the big holo pieces.  Love love Punky Purple.

before the bling

 I haven't been posting my pedis because my toe nails are rather short right now but here are the last two from the Brights collection, Fuschia and Hot pink.  Great pinks. Hot pink has a more red tone while Fuschia is more purple/pink.  I have my "playoff mani" on right now, so no new swatches for a while! 


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