Sunday, June 5, 2011


Like the bow I made? I sewed this one but I have since figured out a way to do it with just a hot glue gun! It's really easy. I'm going to make a tutorial for it later this week. I already made two mini ones. :)

 Hair and Makeup Challenge
Makeup Look #9

I didn't want to wear much makeup on this particular day, so I didn't! I went with a simple golden look.  I really wanted to try out a new item I purchased from Sally Beauty. It's Sally Girl glue... but it doesn't feel like glue, more like a clear gloss. You use it to attach glitter on your eyes or nails! I bought the gold glitter because I'm partial to that but I may pick up some other colours later. Since this was a day time look, I went for a more subtle glitter look. Still, my husband kept calling me Ke$ha. haha
 What I used:
foundation: Mary Kay Mineral Foundation in "Beige 0.5" (my go to for warmer weather)
lips: Sally Girl mini gloss in "LOL" (a light pink with gold shimmer)
cheeks: Sally Girl blush in  (love how natural this is)
eyes: Sally Girl glitter in gold, ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in "Natural" & Mary Kay brown eyeliner

 This outfit goes with yesterday's post, but I forgot about them! I haven't had much luck with outfit pictures lately. Hrmph. This outfit is quite simple but I liked it.  That said, I ended up changing into black capris and a khaki jacket before I actually went out. haha

 My eyes are shut. Really?


  1. Oh I can't wait for the tutorial, that bow is really cute. :)


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