Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Early Fall Purchases

Some of you may have noticed I didn't post my outfits and purchases from last (September) month. This wasn't intentional! I just don't have access to my laptop right now and am using my husband's so I didn't have my purchases list and therefor wasn't sure I could remember it all for a post. haha I will do the outfit post soon, I realize I could have just done that on it's own. Silly me. Anyway, I've decided to mix things up so to share my newest purchases you can expect a post like this.  If I'm shopping a lot, you can expect to see maybe two a month where as some months it may only be one.  It was a good experience for me, holding myself accountable for every purchase so I do want to somewhat keep that up just in a different format. A format that I think will be more fun for you readers!  Because this way you can find out where to purchase the item right now. Onto the purchases! These were made this month.

1, $29.99 (I got it at half price) 2. $5

3. $39.99. Currently on sale for $37.99 4. $39.99

5. $22.99. I paid $18 on sale.   6. $14.99

7. $8.95 on clearance Old Navy fedora (similar)  8. $29.99

9. $5.95 Old Navy earrings in store  10. $6.95 Old Navy 3 earrings in store   11. I paid $9.26 (+ $12 for the Living Social coupon I used)

12. $16. I paid $6 after using a $10 off coupon + free shipping. 

Click the number for a link to the product if it's online.


  1. Great stuff! Love the boots and that fedora is adorable! Can't wait to see you rock it!


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