Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Eek! Sorry for disappearing on you all! I was without a laptop for a bit but I have mine back now.  I posted my Last Weeks Manicures and Weekly Snapshots so feel free to check that out!

I have zero Halloween plans this year. Well, that's not true. I plan on eating more Sour Patch Kids and watching Hocus Pocus, alone. haha Very exciting, I know! I really love Halloween but just didn't really celebrate it much this year. Oh well. I went for a somewhat gothic look today and while editing decided I should add a witch hat. So here is my faux witch costume.

(tights + skirt + boots Target, shirt Burlington Coat Factory)

 I've become totally used to the red hair now. It was such a shock the first few days but it has been almost two weeks now! I used up the rest of the Manic Panic container to touch up my hair since I still had some areas that were less red. I think it's pretty even now and next time I dye it all, it should be good. I added my red conditioner to the Manic Panic container so it has some of the dye in it. :)

I used to red lipsticks for the lips, Wet N Wild "522A" and Rimmel "Alarm".

 And here is my final look for the 'This is Halloween' Challenge!  I really wanted to do skulls, especially sugar skulls. I suppose it could fit into the "graveyard" challenge?

 and the rest of my looks:


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