Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey Red!

Sorry about the lack of posts! I did get the Friday Foodie post up so you can check that out/comment here. There has been a shortage of manicures so no weekly mani post haha I will have more Halloween posts coming up though!

Here's a look at the past week. Spoiler alert: I DYED MY HAIR RED and am in looove. More on that tomorrow!

  •  Bought the dye stuff from Sally Beauty. It was all pretty inexpensive and will last a while. I used just over half a jar of Manic Panic for my hair.
  • Our pets are super snuggly with me when my husband is gone and I let my dog up on the couch ever evening/morning hehe
  • I used Manic Panic Infra Red. This isn't very colour accurate though...check back tomorrow! 
  • Read book one of the Maze Runner series. I really enjoyed it! Sorta Hunger Games-esque. If you like dystopian style novels, check it out.
  • Still loving the Yogi Spearmint tea!


  1. OMG love love love the red!!! SO pretty! I'm a big fan of red hair, I've been dying my hair red for a long time :) I can't wait to see it tomorrow! Such a precious kitty! And I love spearmint tea!


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