Monday, October 8, 2012

Outfits, Gifts and Nails

It was a bit of a lonely week! I missed not having my husband home, since he was only home from late Friday night until Sunday afternoon and then of course I was so sick with the flu all weekend that we couldn't do much of anything! So it was a very lazy week for me.

  • It's true! I've wanted red hair for so long so I'm just gonna go for it. I'm starting with Manic Panic because it's so temporary and won't harm my hair. And yes, I know red fades quickly hence the red shampoo/conditioner.
  • Love Zoya Natty! Just the blue I've been missing. I used striping tape to create the lines.
  • Fall colours on a hot day. My entire outfit is Target haha
  • This Target dress is a go to item for me
  • My one year veganniversary gift to myself!


  1. Oooh please show us the red when you do it! I love dying my hair red :) Your blue casual dress is so adorable, I love it! Cute necklace, what a perfect veganversary gift!


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