Friday, October 12, 2012

Vegan MoFo'er: This is What I Eat

So, uh, I only have three food pics from this week and two are drinks hahah Oops! I got over the flu and my appetite arrived Wednesday night. Of course, there wasn't much to eat in the house. So I ordered Dominos thin crust, no cheese with some veggies. Then I added my own extra veggies and some vegan cheese when it arrived. hehe Other than that I've just been having some leftovers, cereal and smoothies it seems! I'm having some bbq pasta salad and edamame for dinner tonight. Hopefully next week I will have more pictures! My husband isn't home so I guess that kinda throws me off with eating + taking pictures.

 I was excited to feel well enough to have a pumpkin spiced latte!
 used frozen cherries in this green smoothie
lazy dinner = Amy's soup! this is the veggie lentil one

I promised you guys I'd start featuring some Vegan MoFo bloggers since I'm no longer participating so here we go! First up is one of my favourite blogs to read, This is What I Eat. For Vegan MoFo, she's recreating restaurant favourites and making them vegan! Genius. Here are a few of the recipes I'm eager to try...

How amazing does all of that look?!?  She is so creative. :)


  1. Oh wow, thank you so much Sophie! I'm so glad you are enjoying the theme! I hope you get to try some of these recipes, they are so yummy :)

    Sorry you weren't feeling well but glad you are better :) Especially for a pumpkin spice latte, yum! Love cherries in my smoothies and Amy's soups!

    Thanks again for the shout out, you are so sweet!


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