Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Do

The first time I wore these pants they were a bit too tight but now they have morphed into the perfect fit! I want them in more colours now! I doubt Walmart still has them though (they aren't online anyway). They are a bit on the short side but thankfully that is accepted as being in style these days haha That is good news for tall women like myself.  I think the fit is a mixture of them stretching out a bit and me losing a few pounds.

(pants Walmart, sweater Charlotte Russe, top Old Navy, shoes

I got my hair cut today. I wanted more of a long bob with messy layers and shorter bangs. My bangs turned out a bit short but that's fine because they grow so quickly! They also look uneven in some pictures, right? Strange. I'll have to wash/style it and then give it a trim to even it out. But overall I'm loving this style! I asked for some big pieces framing the face and I really like those. My hairdresser also tried a new thinning technique on me since I have such thick hair. My hair feels so light! I treated myself to the curl product she used by Euphora.

When you don't see my dog in my picture it's because the park is empty so I'm letting him run around with his leash still attached hehe

Oh, speaking of Walmart.  I saw on Hello Fashion that Walmart has some pretty cute new items. I'm loving that sweater! Here's some more...


  1. Cute pants, they look great! Love the hair! You are rocking it! :)


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