Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall Uniform

I was wanting to wait on my new camera to take outfit pictures but ended up taking these with my old one after a mix up with the Target shipping (the other day it said it hadn't even shipped yet despite  being bought on the 20th! but now it says it'll arrive today or tomorrow. Not sure what happened there). Oddly, these are some of the better outfit pictures I've gotten from my camera. I guess because I stood closer. haha That makes me sound less than smart. Normally I stand further away and then crop but I end up with blurry details. It's a bit more crisp here. It still does that annoying blur at the bottom though. I always have blurry shoes. haha

Anyway. This is my Fall uniform. It's pretty much what I plan on wearing when we're in WA State for 10ish days on vacation. Jeans + top + collard shirt + sweater + boots. Maybe it's not the most exciting but hey.

 (sweater H&M, shirt + jeans Target, boots Jeffrey Campbell, necklace Forever 21)


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