Monday, November 19, 2012


  1.  Target shopping. What else is new?
  2. My desk area... office I suppose. It's looking a bit crowded! Time to change it up.
  3. Skin care stuff in my bathroom. I installed the shelf for super easy access; it's handy.
  4. Lots of hot drinks now that the weather is cooler.
  5. Oh just our kitty, William, being his cute self.
  6. See above.
  7. New shirt! Kind of awesome. Mens section at Target, on sale for $5 right now!
  8. Silly pets playing with toys. Well, the cat is playing with the dog leash. haha
  9. Some favourite chips of mine (Rice Chips wasabi flavour) and a new magazine.
  10. Leftover California Pizza Kitchen pizza (vegan style of course). Yum!
  11. We don't get a lot of trees changing colour here, unfortunately, but there are some!
  12. I seriously use these palettes a ton. I'm not 100% sure they are vegan :/ but yeah.
  13. Fango Mud face mask. Love. That's how I keep my bangs out of the way. Sexy right? 
  14. The other side of our bathroom counter. Wait, a man lives here too? Nah. haha We are actually apartment hunting right now as we have kinda outgrown this 1 bedroom apartment. 
  15. Yummy juice. Pineapple, mint, cucumber, broccoli, spinach and celery.
  16. Hair bow!


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