Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Comfort Layers

Ah, this was such a comfortable outfit. I'm not Stacey London, I'm okay with wearing something for comfort. I wore this to watch Cloud Atlas (it was amazing; definitely Oscar material) which is almost three hours long so comfort was kind of important. Then I took off the cape to eat pizza at California Pizza Kitchen. 

A few more pictures than usual. I was having fun on the swings. haha Sorry the lighting sucks. I ordered a new camera yesterday so I'm very excited to get that. I'm going to try it out to see if I want to keep it or not because it's not one that was on my wishlist but it was on sale like crazy (its the Canon Powershot A1300. Target has it for just $60 right now) so I figure it is worth a try. I'm pretty sure anything will be a step up from my 5 year old camera. All I really want it for is blogging! My outfit pictures could really use an upgrade.

(boots + tights + cape Target, shirt Charlotte Russe)

Re-dying my hair tomorrow. You can see just how faded it is here. I don't really mind that but I don't like having my roots show so much. I imagine it'll turn out even more red this time since I already have a red base, haha.

I love mixing bold colours on my eyes lately. 

Here's what I used for the makeup look. Face + eyes. It's funny to see how many brushes I use now. I didn't used to use any! They make such a difference though. Oh and I also have Tarte Amazonion Clay Foundation on, it somehow got left out of the picture.


  1. i love that sweater :)
    and your hair looks amazing. i love swings too! i don't care if they're supposed to be for "kids" haha



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