Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Camera

I got my new camera today! Oh my gosh, you guys, what a difference. haha And this is not a fancy camera! It's the Canon Powershot A1300 which doesn't have the best reviews in its price range but I got it for only $60 at Target during Black Friday week. I think it would have a higher rating if the price was only $60, you know?  My previous camera was just old and had been dropped way too many times, so the picture quality was a reflection of that. I couldn't use it indoors at all, really.  So yay for better pictures on the blog!!

Also, I'm starting a new blog feature called "Inspired By" where I will recreate an outfit I love. The idea isn't to copy it exactly, just the overall look. I think it's a great way to find new ways to wear items you already own! The blog J's Every Day Fashion does this on a regular basis. I actually discovered that blog after I had this idea but obviously I'm aware that it's not a unique idea haha For sure check out her blog though; it's awesome.

I created a new Pinterest board to collect some pictures for these posts. You can check that out here. I only post pictures where I already own items in the picture that are similar. The idea isn't to go out and buy a bunch of new things in order to create the look. :P

Inspiration: My Blomquist
Black skater skirt + black loafers + red plaid shirt.

note to self: keep your eyes open properly

I'm also trying out a new way of showing you wear the items are from. I like the simplicity of including in the photo but I'm also adding links below for items you can still purchase.

Here's a comparison shot. I took these photos one after another. No editing.

The "new" one is SO much more vibrant! And true to colour. More on this mani on Sunday.


  1. Congrats on the new camera! A good camera seriously makes all the difference! Great idea for the new section and the outfit is so cute!

  2. Great inspo! Such a cute look! Loving that skirt!



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