Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seeing Red

Fall weather feels like it has finally arrived. Okay, I really need to stop talking about the weather in every post. Yeesh. But seriously, I wake up and it's 60F and it stays below 75F all day with it going as low at 48F at night so I'm happy. I know, not cold compared to many other places but this is sunny California! 

Aaanyway, this outfit is from last week. The peplum top is very basic and yet it does feel a bit more dressed up so I kept it casual with bright red jeans and wedge sneakers.

 (shoes, top Forever 21, pants Walmart)

 I ordered more hair dye yesterday. I went with the same colour. You can see my roots here. The red has faded a fair bit but I'm still totally happy with the colour, so that's good. I think I'll wait another week to dye it, maybe... it has only been four weeks (as of today) since I first dyed it. I don't think you can just touch up your roots with Manic Panic because it won't match the rest of your (faded) hair, unfortunately. I wanted to wait until the six week mark to dye it but I'm thinking 5 weeks will be better  and then I'll dye it again before Christmas/vacation.


  1. Still loving the red, it's really pretty on you! I also love the way you styled your hair, the braid is so pretty :)


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