Friday, November 16, 2012

Some Favourite Meals

All iPhone 4 pics. It honestly takes better indoor pictures than my digital camera. I know some people don't like the sort of "Instagram editing" and maybe it's just because I'm new to it but I don't  have a problem with it. No, it does not make me thin I am some sort of amazing photographer haha I really don't get why people are so bothered by it. I think the majority of Instagram users are probably aware that these aren't art gallery worthy pictures. I like the editing; I think it makes the pictures look more interesting.  What do you guys think?

frozen banana and pinapple...smoothie? I guess because I added some milk. Topped with cinnamon.

My beloved gf pumpkin oatmeal (just cook water, oats, canned pumpkin, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. I don't even measure) and some coffee

Was craving bagels this week so I bought a bag. Ugh, why must bagel sandwiches be so yummy?!

This was my free California Veggie pizza on thin crust without cheese from California Pizza Kitchen last night. It was free because my friend had coupons from Veteran's Day. Very nice of this location to give them to her and her husband (who is a Marine) and to let us use them! The pizza was really good. Interesting mix of toppings: broccoli, mushrooms, corn, onion etc

another bagel sandwich

leftover vegetarian pho

parfait (blueberries, gf granola and SoDelicious coconut milk vanilla yogurt)

one of my favourite tortilla chips and some chipotle salsas

yummy bean burrito with "cheese" sauce

french toast! using mini whole wheat french bread from Target. topped with toasted coconut and pear. I hadn't had french toast in a while and this was so good. I just dipped it in a mixture of flour, plant based milk, spices and a bit of sweetener

vegan nachos with black beans :)

similar to above but with some almond milk and Ezeikal cereal

another burrito

Amy's chili

sourdough sandwich

pumpkin oatmeal again!

BJ's pumpkin beer! It's only available Oct/Nov and I will miss it. Best pumpkin beer I've had.

similar again but with banana. I've been having this or the oatmeal for breakfast lately.

simple bean quesadilla

pita bread with one of my favourite hummus, Archer Farms spinach and artichoke 


  1. Yum, everything looks great! Love the bean quesadilla and the burrito! The french toast looks delicious and you can't go wrong with a good bagel sandwich!


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