Saturday, December 1, 2012


Quite a bit of pink going on here! Most of the pink I own, actually, because I don't own a lot. I'm pretty girly so I guess it's a bit odd that I don't own more of it? I don't know. Pink is not really a popular colour this time of the year but I thought I'd give it some love.

It was drizzling a bit while I was taking these pictures which means I had the whole park to myself (and my dog who I let wander around since it was empty). That's a plus of living in SoCal. People tend to stay indoors when it "rains". When it rains hard, a lot of people here don't even like to drive. hehe Although, in their defense, because it's more desert-like here, the ground really floods when it rains so it is a bit more hazardous, I guess. This playground is literally next door to where I live. There is also a big soccer type field, basketball court etc It's where I take a lot of my pictures since it is so close by.

(Target boots (I have them in black a well) + jeans same brand but a different print + tshirt in different colours (I have this tshirt in probably 6 colours!). 

I'm excited for date night with my husband tonight. We generally go on a date every weekend but quite often it's the "same old thing". Nothing wrong with that but tonight we are mixing things up! I bought him tickets to The Comedy Palace for his birthday back in August so we plan on going there to see Thai Rivera. I YouTubed (that's a word, sure) im hand he's pretty hilarious. I think we're going to eat at Spritz first, an all vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant. It even has vegan desserts! I always get excited for that hehe Not that I ever have room for dessert but maybe we'll get something to go.


  1. I live in Washington, and it's so funny to me when I go to my parents' house in California for Christmas and the slightest drizzle brings out the umbrellas and sends folks indoors.

    I love those boots. I look at them every time I'm in Target but I just haven't bought them yet!


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