Monday, December 3, 2012

Pretty things, Great Food and Laughs

A very fun week!

  1. Picked up lots of craft supplies to make Christmas gifts.
  2. My new Zoyas. Logan Aurora and Blaze.
  3. New bracelet pack from Target. $14.99.
  4. Zoya Aurora.
  5. My husband enjoying some of my caterpillar roll at Sipz Vegetarian Fusion Cafe in San Diego.
  6. Christmas photo fail. hahaha
  7. Old Fashioned for him and Dirty Shirly for her at The Comedy Palace.
  8. Posing with one of the headliner acts at The Comedy Palace. 
  9. With the main act, Thai Rivera.  Such a fun night!!


  1. Hi! Your blog and many others have inspired me to start my own blog. I enjoy your posts and pictures. I am also a fellow USMC wife! Ooohrah! lol


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