Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello, Sunshine!

  1.  Enjoying the gorgeous sunshine this weekend.
  2. Bangs are in need of a trim but I realized I could braid them to the side! It was weird to see my forehead haha
  3. Playing Super Mario 3 with friends last night.
  4. Our cute pup.
  5. BOGO Jamba Juice coupon. I got the berry upbeet (I think the orange carrot is my favourite though).
  6. 5 mile walk/hike with my dog.
  7. Trying to see how I'd look with short hair because I'm obsessed with the idea of chopping it all off! Kinda looks like a bad combover here though haha Check out my short hair board here!
  8. New kitchen rug from Target.
  9. Husband putting some gear together. Being married to a Marine means having a home full of USMC gear!  It kinda takes over...


  1. That first picture is so gorgeous! I love the look of bangs braided to the side. I saw your short hair pin board on pinterest and I love it! this one is my fav I think: but I think you would look great with a pixie cut too! I wish I could rock short hair... I actually really miss my long hair!


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