Friday, January 11, 2013

Native Foods Cafe & Coconut Lentil Soup

Lots of goodies to share with you all this week including a review and recipe! 

Tacos! They never get old.

Yummy Boca burger.

Berry smoothie. Almond milk, frozen berries, frozen banana and spinach.

I've been drinking tea every morning. Isn't the West Elm mug adorable? A Christmas present. I bought the kettle myself (Target). My previous one was so  old and gross looking, ew. 

I also received the measuring cups for Christmas! Baked some muffins.

I'd been craving Cheerios lately so I finally gave in.

I've been adding protein to some of my smoothies now that I'm back to more intense workouts.

Orange sauce stir fry.

Salad with Amy's Goddess dressing.

A super thick  berry smoothie.

Buffalo tofu pizza!

Whole wheat waffle (no sugar) topped with some frozen fruit that I heated on the stove with some water to make a "syrup".  I'm trying to cut back on added sugar!

I'm trying to work on actually writing down recipes I create. My husband's grandma got me a blank recipe book, so handy! So here is the first one I jotted down.  Expect to see more of these on the blog.

I love this soup! If you like Thai curry, you'll like it. My husband loved it too. Also the word above says "cook" not something naughtier...

 Now these photos are from our trip to WA but they were on my camera so I forgot to upload them last week. This is Native Foods Cafe! YOU HAVE TO GO. Seriously, vegan or not, it's delicious. I mean, it looks good right? I really liked this place a lot and so did my husband. Great service, delicious food...   I got the "aztec burger" while my husband got the "cheeseburger'. We both got the dijon potato salad which was soo good. Both burgers were good but we actually both preferred mine! They also have delicious drinks with refills you can help yourself to (you can always try a different drink too; it's self serve). My husband loved the watermelon juice and I loved the lavender lemonade.

Aztec burger


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