Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

Well, that was a longer break than I meant to take! I'd intended to blog while on vacation but it was just a hassle. I have some catching up to do now! We got back home last night. Reunited with my cat (and it feels so good). :)

A look back at 2012 on the blog:

What a year 2012 was! My husband's career kind of dominated it as he was switching MOSs (basically his job within the Marine Corps) and that was a long journey! He was gone a lot with various training exercises.  It was definitely a year of patience, growing and learning. Lots of fun times though. That is really what stands out to me when looking back. :) 

I think 2013 will be a great year! So far so good anyway. My husband will be deployed for the second half but I never look at that as a "my life will suck" sort of thing, just a time for me to focus that much more on making life the best I can. I like making yearly bucket lists so here's a look at this years.

Travel by plane
Visit Canada
Get my drivers license
Improve fitness level
Travel somewhere new
Eat even cleaner (and more raw)
Get a tattoo
Spend under $100 on myself each month (clothes/shoes/accessories)
Pick up a positive habit like meditation or yoga
Give back and pay it forward more often
Go to at least 3 concerts
Go to a Canucks hockey game
Thrift more
Sleep in a tent
Run in a marathon
Build up savings account + emergency fund
Try something new each month
Apt makeover

Rejoin 24 Hour Fitness
Set up a proper sewing/craft area
Dress up more often
Drink more water
Declutter and stay more organized
Invest in quality items
Put more time into building my blog
Wear more patterns and bolder looks
Buy a Vitamix
Become a personal trainer
Try a new hair style or colour


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