Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vacation Food Round-Up

I was trying to get this post up yesterday but was having technical difficulties. So here we go! The rest of what I ate while on vacation.  I am definitely feeling the need to incorporate more raw and less processed foods in my diet now that I'm back home.  I might two a two week detox of no processed foods or added sugar just to kinda reboot and get back on track with the way I am comfortable eating. I think I'll pick up Kris Carr's book Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I have Crazy Sexy Diet and love it. As you may have seen in yesterday's post my only food related "resolution" is to eat cleaner (including more raw foods).

  1.  On our way home we mostly just snacked. I had raw veggies with hummus at one point.
  2. Stopped at The Best Little Sandwich Shop in Redding, CA where I knew they had an impressive vegan menu. So yum! The oven wasn't working so it wasn't toasted (which would have been tastier) but this still beat Subway by a landslide. The vegan roast beef was soo good.
  3. Of course we had to stop at VooDoo Doughnuts! It has become a yearly tradition. Such delicious vegan donuts. This is the "vegan cock and balls" which has vanilla cream filled balls. haha Don't let the name or appearance scare you off. It's so good!
  4. And this is the VooDoo doll which was filled with  jelly. Good but not as good as the vanilla one.
  5. Stopped at AmeRAWcan in Tacoma, WA, an all raw restaurant. It was a very cool experience for my husband and I. We had the four course taster plus he ordered a full sized falafel. Oh and I got a green juice to go. Everything was delicious! Also, the menus were on iPads; fancy! This is the taster size raw nachos. They were really yummy.  So was the falafel although I didn't love the hummus.
  6. Raw chocolate cheesecake with vanilla cream. Mmm. Not super sweet which was nice.
  7. Raw avocado quinoa boat. This was so simple but soo good.
  8. Snacked on chips with avocado and salsa on NYE. We bought wine but then I realized it wasn't vegan. Boo. I don't buy wine often so I hadn't thought to check in store.
  9. Mexican food at a restaurant. This was a vegetarian fajita and it was HUGE. I ate it for three meals plus gave rice to my dog.
  10. I tried this ravioli again but this time got the spinach one (spinach and something, I forget). It was SO good. Definitely recommend that one! My husband got a non vegan one. Found these at Fred Meyers.
  11. Some lazy pizza I made. I found Archer Farms crusts that are vegan at Target but when I went back today they didn't have them.... weird.
  12. Big breakfast. I think I just ate oatmeal, fruit and pancakes for  breakfast the entire vacation haha It was the easiest to make in my inlaws kitchen with what they/we had.
  13. I bought some green curry paste and coconut milk to whip up some curry! Tasty.
  14. Amazing vegan pizza at The Alibi in Pike Place (Seattle). Highly recommend! This was the mini happy hour one so it was only $5!! But it was 6 big slices.
  15. Christmas leftovers. I cooked this for my husband and I. My inlaws made non veg stuff for everyone else.
  16. Oatmeal with fruit.
  17. Some frozen waffle with fruit and hashbrowns.
  18. Vegan ice cream and pie on Christmas. Did you know Marie Calendars makes some vegan pies? Yep.
  19. Eggnog pancakes for breakfast on Christmas. All I did was replace the milk in my simple go to recipe with soy eggnog. Yum!
  20. Making burritos.
  21. More oatmeal. Some days I made with raisins and peanut butter.
  22. Maple bacon (tempeh) sandwiches.
  23. Fruit with granola.
  24. A frozen vegan pizza. Which is exactly what it tasted like haha But it was good, don't get me wrong. It just has that cheap taste. It was also pricey at $7.
  25. Amy's lentil soup. I love this soup and I don't normally like canned soups. This is the only brand of soup I ever really buy.


  1. Everything looks delicious!! Definitely go for Crazy Sexy Kitchen, you are going to love it!


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